Monday, April 22

Scriptwriter - Script coverage - Script editing

     Last fall I was offered an opportunity to co-write a screenplay. To be perfectly honest, I was originally asked to edit a screenplay, which I was happy to do. This is where it gets interesting. My scriptwriter/client asked me if I’d like to help him finish the script. Again, I was happy to do so. Then he asked me to go over his treatment and see if there was anything I’d like to add.  As you’ve probably guessed, I really, really did want to add a few things here and there.  Well, my new partner liked what I’d written, so he welcomed me aboard and I was off and running.

     I’m not only happy I did, I’m also very proud of the fact that the script turned out to be a good one.
Here are the details:
Co-writer: Darrell Malone (Darrell is also in charge of getting the script sold. And, he’s the star of the picture)
Storyline: An interesting look at the game of football, following a player from elementary school flag football all the way to the Super Bowl.  With football as the backdrop, the characters learn a lot about themselves and how what they do off the field affects those around them.  BULLYING becomes part of the theme of this script and how the players learn that words hurt as much as actions. Very effective drama with a dash of humor and romance.
Lots of football games played and lessons learned about the power of fame and misuse of that power. The main character redeems himself and learns the importance of love and family.

     I'm very proud of the script work I've been doing. If anyone is interested in reading a sample of LIVING BLINDLY, email me:

     I've also tried my hand at Script coverage and find this work extremely interesting.  Again, if you'd like to see a sample of my work, email me: